Dusty Wants to Talk About Mortal Kombat

GET OVER HERE…..and listen to our new episode. Dusty is a little obsessed with the over 30 year old fighting game franchise known worldwide as Mortal Kombat. From it’s controversial beginnings all the way to the upcoming complete reset of the entire universe, the guys let Dusty share a little bit of his obsession with all of us today. Hear about the games, spin offs, movies, why David hates it when you pick Raiden and how Dan used a bicycle kick to piss off his sister. Was the original a direct cause for the video game rating system we know today? Did Jean Claude Van Damme unwillingly provide any inspiration? Did Batman ever square off with Sub Zero? The answers to all of these questions are yes but it’s still fun to hear us talk about it.  So enter the blood code and hit start if you dare.

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