We don't know how you got here, but welcome to Gettin' Sidetracked! This is a podcast wherein three long-time buds attempt to educate each other, one week at a time.

Join us as we take deepish dives into anything and everything

 Want to know more about the sordid history of Chuck E. Cheese? What about evil messages heard when you play music backwards? Or maybe you’re wondering how the hell squatter’s rights work. The guys take turns  each episode  dragging each other down some random rabbit hole and there’s no shortage of rants, odd personal anecdotes, and debaucherous tales from our wayward youth that will leave you feeling like that backseat passenger on a 17 hour road trip  who’s just trying to take a nap, but you can’t stop listening to what the weirdos up front are saying.

Your Hosts



Dusty began his life as a baby. Now that baby is all grown up...sort of. Spending most of his life obsessing over movies, comics, and pop culture in general, he decided to take his useless knowledge to the one place that it has value. The internet!

Couldn't be more of a dork but he's the lovable kind so he hasn't been shunned from society just yet. Hopefully he can keep it that way.

He's a Scorpio and likes long walks on the beach. not sure why you need to know that, but here we are.



Dan was interested in becoming a podcaster ever since he was a young boy, and has prepared for this moment by gaining the necessary experience that informs his finely tuned world view.

By slicing roast beef at an Arby's, stocking shelves at Target, having a heavy metal elitist phase where he wrote exactly two mediocre songs, and finally becoming the pudgy fingers seen millions of times over preparing tasty food on the internet, he was finally ready to emerge from his cocoon to tell it like it is.

However, he still isn't quite sure what "it" is.



After decades of loving the sound of his own voice, our hero David decided to go against the grain, to take the road less traveled, become a true pioneer: He agreed to team up with his buddies and start a podcast. With more than a decade in radio and a lifetime of saying super dumb shit, David is more than ready to "cast his balls off".

Being fat

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